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Trauma Cover – Giving You Options

Do you know anyone who has suffered from a heart attack or cancer in their working lifetime?

No one ever expects it to happen to them, but imagine hearing the news that you have a serious medical condition which could prevent you from working to the same capacity as you usually did.  How would you cope financially? Would your partner be able to support you during your recovery, as well as continue to work?

What about paying for alternative treatment, or trial drugs not yet subsidized in New Zealand, both of which are often not covered by health insurance?  With advances in medical science we’ve become better at surviving a serious medical condition, but are you and your family financially prepared for the consequences of survival often meaning dramatic changes to life and living style?

Trauma Cover gives you options.  It can provide a cash lump sum (immediately upon diagnosis – no waiting period or partial payment) in the event of suffering from any of a specified list of illnesses and diseases.  Trauma Cover is designed to give you more choice when the unexpected does happen, allowing you to make decisions you may otherwise be unable to afford.

Take the example of Stephen and Jody*, a hard-working couple in their fifties.  Just before Christmas Stephen started suffering from a persistent headache.  An MRI in January revealed a brain tumour, and subsequent tests revealed cancers throughout his body.  Jody had to take unpaid leave from her job to take care of her very unwell husband, who couldn’t work.  A missed premium on their insurance policy raised a flag with us, and a phone call later we ascertained the dire financial situation they were in, not least the emotional toll of the illness.  From not knowing where their next mortgage payment was going to come from, to hearing the news that Stephen met the criteria of his Trauma Cover benefit in the space of 24 hours, gave them huge financial breathing space.

Trauma Cover also provides options for your family should you die, whether it means that your spouse is able to stay at home with the kids, or leaving behind a legacy such as a debt-free home or a tertiary education fund.

*This is a real-life claim we handled this year, however names and personal information have been altered to protect privacy.

For more information on Trauma Cover options give us a call – it will give you options.


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