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Income Protection – Disability Insurance

What is the greatest asset any of us have? When asked that most people say their house, their car or their business. Guys, you score brownie points if you say, “My wife”.

The truth is, although all these things have material value, what pays for them is your ability to earn money, which is dependent on your health.

If your health is jeopardised as a result of accident or illness, where does the money come from? How do you maintain your lifestyle? In today’s society most of us are only a couple of paycheques away from bankruptcy. Without the continued income you would probably lose everything.

Disability insurance is a tool that fills that gap and covers that need. In the event of sickness or an accident that renders you unable to do your normal work, a significant portion of your income will continue flowing in to the family coffers, ensuring your financial commitments are met. This prevents you and your family from suffering any more than they naturally would from the illness of a loved one.

Our job is not to sell insurance; we get to know the needs of every person – what is needed if the unfortunate should happen to any member of the family. As a result of this analysis, the insurance products we recommend help ensure the financial security of you and your family.


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Trauma Insurance

Most people recognise the need for life insurance, but there is less recognition that life insurance only pays in the case of death.

Statistically, the most likely scenario is that you will suffer from a major illness, e.g. heart attack, cancer, stroke, or experience a serious accident that leaves you physically impaired but still alive. In these circumstances what good is a death-only payment?

This is where trauma insurance rises before the grave.

Any sum that is chosen can be paid to the person who has suffered the accident or sickness, which gives both choice and financial freedom. In many cases it allows people to restructure their lifestyle to allow for a disability, possibly seek alternative medical treatment that may not be available in New Zealand, or pay off a mortgage and any other debt, making it possible to change the working pressures that were previously on you and your family.

Trauma insurance does not require that you are going to die or that you are medically unable to attend to your work. The only requirement for a full payment to be made is that the diagnosis is one of the specified medical conditions or accidents. It is up to you to allocate this money to your greatest advantage, in any way you wish.


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Key Person Insurance

In many businesses, there are people who are key to the ongoing running of the company and its continued profits. An example might be a top salesperson who generates a large revenue for the company yet without that revenue being generated, the company may be in serious financial difficulty. Or it might be an important management position that ensures the continued smooth operation of the business.

These people are often difficult to replace. Business profitability often suffers significantly while trying to replace these key people and train their replacements up to a productive level.

We specialise in analysing businesses to identify these key people, then ensure there is adequate financial provision to protect the business’ ongoing revenue and operation should they suffer an accident or illness that prevented them – either permanently or temporarily – from working.

Insurance services - key person insurance


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Partnership Protection

Not many privately-owned companies give any thought to the business implications of the untimely death or disability of a partner.

In the event of death or disability of a partner, the company is left with a non-productive shareholder who is still due a share of profits, or is faced with finding funds to buy out that shareholding. At these times there is usually a dispute as to what the value of the affected person’s shareholding is.

We specialise in meeting with shareholders of small to medium size companies to put in place agreements that provide a predictable outcome in such situations, one that clearly treats all parties fairly.

This includes funding methods to purchase shares, clear reserve accounts and fund any reduction in debt that banks might require.


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Our clients always prefer to invest a little now in risk mitigation rather than pay the much greater price of comfortably ignoring the existence of a potentially real and catastrophic situation.