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Insurance for your family…

Financial protection for families

Looking for the RIGHT insurance for your family? If you need financial protection for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why…

If the worst should happen

It’s not an easy thing to contemplate, but if you or your partner should die, things will change significantly. You’ll have enough to worry about without having the stress of money as well.

Insurance for your family means you can retire debt and provide adequate finance for the surviving spouse and children to continue living a similar lifestyle. That’s why it’s crucial to have confidence in your insurance advisor and the cover they recommend.

Insurance for your family if the worst should happen

A trusted advocate

It’s also important to know you’ll be looked after throughout your relationship with your broker, especially in times of crisis. But it’s even more important early on, when you’re organising insurance for your family, to have an advocate who communicates simply, in plain English. Someone who’ll explain the reality of your situation in a way that is meaningful to you. You certainly don’t need a “brochure dropper” who’s only hoping for an easy sale.

A trusted advocate for insurance for your family

Maximum benefit from insurance for your family

Our number one focus is our clients, and ensuring all their needs are met. We’ll help you avoid typical insurance mistakes and see that you get maximum benefit from insurance for your family with…

  • Our very personal service.
  • Taking the time to create the right solution for you.
  • Ian Wallace’s encyclopaedic knowledge of insurance policy wordings.
  • Our high levels of expertise and vast experience working with families.

Insurance for your family


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How we make sure insurance for your family works for YOU…

Personal service

We’re interested in you and we get involved. You have one point of contact. You’re not just a number to us. We get to know you and your family. And you’ll find us very accommodating if you have difficulty finding the time to see us.

The right solution

We’re focused on the right solution for you, not the commission. We always recommend the things that will give you the best possible outcome. Ian’s knowledge of policy wordings means we can cover you for actual circumstances, often at no extra cost. Our aim is to get you the best possible settlement by recommending the product with the best coverage. Example: One independently-ranked product with the best policy wordings is also one of the least expensive. You’ll pay up to 50% less than another leading company’s policy that we could (but don’t) recommend, even though it would earn us more commission.

A walking encyclopaedia

Ian Wallace has both an encyclopaedic knowledge of all insurance companies’ policy wordings, and the rare ability to leave out the mind-numbing insurance gobbledygook and explain things in layman’s terms. So whatever you want to know, ask away. You’ll get straight, plain-English answers.

Ian is a walking encyclopaedia of insurance policy wordings

Huge expertise

Ian has even been used as an expert witness, which is confirmation of his high levels of expertise. It’s reassuring to know you have someone of his standing behind the team at Wallace Insurance Brokers when you need it.


Do you really need this kind of insurance for your family?
The real question is whether you can financially continue as you were if either you or your partner died or were seriously ill tomorrow. If the answer is yes, then you don’t need insurance for your family. And obviously if the answer is no, you do.

How often do insurance companies actually pay out on claims? Don’t they look for any loophole and do everything they can to avoid paying out?
If you are honest and declare everything when applying for the insurance, you can feel safe. Insurance companies don’t actively look for ways out of a claim, but errors and omissions do hold up or even prevent claims. We advise you on how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How much does insurance for your family cost?
There will naturally be an ongoing investment towards whichever insurance products are required to ensure your financial needs are always protected, which you pay direct to the insurance company. But our services – initial consultations to analyse your needs and recommend the most appropriate policy and cover, ongoing monitoring of your situation, and being an advocate if needed at the time of claim – are entirely free.

Do you charge a fee for consultations?
Our consultation time is completely obligation-free. We only receive payment direct from an insurance company.

Will I need to have medicals and see doctors?
This will depend on the nature of the protection we arrange for you. If a blood test is required, we can arrange a lab technician to visit you at your convenience.


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Check out these client stories…


“Ian Wallace is my insurance broker. He’s incredibly helpful – very, very helpful. He’ll actually bend over backwards to do the best deal he can for you. He comes across as very honest and has good integrity. He’ll do whatever he can. It feels like he’s actually working for you. He understands exactly what you need and understands where you’re coming from as well.”

“The good thing is you’re dealing directly with one person. That person knows you and he knows what your requirements are, whereas if you’re dealing with a large company you’re constantly speaking with different people. But you know that Ian’s always there. He knows his clients, he knows you by first name, he knows who you are. He’s honest and reliable, and he always gets back to you promptly.”



“Rose’s* husband Graham loved to be out on the water. Every chance he got, he’d be out fishing in his runabout. On one such day, Graham never made it back to shore. His accidental death at age 45 left behind a devastated wife, daughter, teenage twin boys and adopted son.”

“Financially, they had done the right thing only a few months beforehand and reviewed their insurance needs with Ian Wallace. Rose was able to pay off the mortgage and establish an investment with the remaining funds to create an ongoing interest income that she and the children could live on. If an emergency crops up they have a lump sum available to draw from. Rose intends to set the children up with university fees paid for, or a deposit on their own home, at the appropriate time.”

“Getting over the death of your soul mate takes time, but in Rose’s case the financial pressures to provide for her family were removed promptly and with care.”

* N.B. Rose is a real person but we’ve changed the names to protect her privacy.


Phone UsTo discuss insurance for your family, without obligation…
Phone 09 414-4215 (click to call) or email us now.