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Eleven things it’s worth spending money on

We usually focus on all the ways to save money, but the reality is, sometimes it’s worth splashing out. Here are eleven things that it’s worth spending your money on.

Your health

Skimping on things like doctor’s appointments and eye checks can be a false economy. Stay on top of your appointments so that you can tackle problems before they turn into serious or expensive issues.

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How good is KiwiSaver if you’re over 65?

KiwiSaver is often touted as a great savings option for young people wanting to get on track for their financial lives. But what about people who are nearing the end of their careers?

The retirement savings scheme can be a useful financial tool, even if you’re already into your retirement years. Here’s how.

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Top tips to stay healthy in summer

Summer is officially here – and with a full season ahead of longer days, warm weather and (hopefully) a lot of sunshine, it’s a great time to relax, recharge, and take care of yourself before life gets busy again.

To get you started, we put together some tips from expert sources on how to stay healthy (and safe) this summer. Enjoy!

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Six tips to put your travel insurance to work

Are you making plans for your next overseas getaway? Wherever you’re headed, travel insurance is the number one item you should pack into your bag.

The benefits of securing travel insurance are too many to mention, and translate into peace of mind and financial protection from the unexpected – exactly what you need when you’re taking some time off to relax, unplug and explore.
So, how can you ensure that your travel cover is protecting you at all time? These helpful tips may help you avoid some of the most common mistakes…

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Insurance through the decades – here’s what you need

Throughout our lives, we go through a number of changes. And along the way, our Insurance needs change too. So here’s a guide to the most common Insurance types at every life stage.


You’re young – why would you need insurance? The reality is, there may be quite a few reasons.

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What you need to know about pre-existing medical conditions

Do you have a medical condition, and don’t know how it might affect your future insurance options? If you take out life, health or travel insurance today, will your pre-existing medical conditions be covered?

It may come as a surprise to some, but past and current medical conditions aren’t always ‘uncoverable’, nor do they necessarily result in higher premiums. As always, we can help: read on to find out more…

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Save money the ‘Kiwi way’

Save money the Kiwi way

Kiwis are known for finding innovative solutions to problems. And these are some (of the many) ways we can apply the same philosophy to saving money…

Download the ‘Great Little Cookbook’ by Work and Income New Zealand

With lots of simple recipes, this cookbook shows that it is possible to eat healthily while on a budget. With Kiwi classics like Pikelets, along with vege-filled casseroles and meatloaf, the recipes are bound to fill up hungry tummys for less.

Shopping plans are also included, to help you stay on budget.

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What happens when Pharmac doesn’t cover it?

There has been plenty of buzz in the media about Pharmac and unfunded cancer drugs – but what is it all about? Read on for an outline of what Pharmac is, and how it works with our public healthcare system. And most importantly, what you can do to get affordable access to those treatments, whether they are publicly funded or not…

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Self-employed: do you know your ACC options?

Are you paying over the odds on your ACC levies? Every dollar counts when you’re self-employed, and having control over what you’re paying for various types of protection is crucial.

If you’d like to find out if you’re paying the right levies for the right cover, read on…

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