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Financial protection for business owners

Looking for the RIGHT business insurance to protect you, your partners and your business? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s why…

An easily-mitigated risk

The untimely death or disability of one of the partners or key people in the business is not an easy thing to contemplate. It’s a very real risk that should be mitigated, but unfortunately most don’t.

In the case of a partner…
Such an event leaves the business with a non-productive shareholder (often the key person’s remaining spouse or trustees) who is still due a share of ongoing profits. Eventually the affected persons want to sell the shareholding back, for which you or the business must find funds. And there is invariably a dispute about the value of the shareholding.

Insurance for business partners

In the case of a key person…
Such an event leaves the business with significant loss of income, especially if the affected role is an important sales or income-producing one, and/or significant additional costs to fill the gaps and bring people up to speed or meet contract obligations.

Insurance for business - key person

And if you’re the one affected…
You want to know your family will be provided for and the business won’t fail, taking everyone’s jobs with it.

Predictable outcomes

What you need is a predictable outcome that clearly treats all parties fairly should any of these events occur. Our clients always prefer to invest a little in business insurance now rather than pay the much greater price of comfortably ignoring the risks.

A trusted advocate

It’s important to know you’ll be looked after throughout your relationship with your insurance broker, long after the sale is made. This is especially important in times of crisis, when you need it most.

Even early on when you’re organising your business insurance, it’s nice to have an advocate who understands business and communicates simply, in plain English. Someone who’ll explain the reality of your situation and the solutions in a way that is meaningful to you.

Maximum benefit from your business insurance

Our number one focus is our clients, and ensuring all their needs are met. We’ll help you avoid typical business insurance mistakes and see that you get maximum benefit from your business insurance with…

  • Our very personal service.
  • Taking the time to create the right business insurance solution for you.
  • Ian Wallace’s encyclopaedic knowledge of insurance policy wordings.
  • Our high levels of expertise and vast experience working with business owners.


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How we make sure your business insurance works properly for YOU…

Personal service

We’re interested in you and we get involved. You have one point of contact. You’re not just a number to us. We get to know you and your partner. And you’ll find us very accommodating if you have difficulty finding the time to see us.

The RIGHT business insurance solution

We’re focused on the right business insurance solution for you, not the commission. We always recommend the business insurance that will give you the best possible outcome. Ian Wallace’s knowledge of policy wordings means we can cover you for actual circumstances, often at no extra cost. Our aim is to get you the best possible settlement by recommending the product with the best coverage. Example: One independently-ranked product with the best policy wordings is also one of the least expensive. You’ll pay up to 50% less than another leading company’s policy we could (but don’t) recommend, even though it would earn us more commission.

A walking encyclopaedia

Ian Wallace has both an encyclopaedic knowledge of all insurance companies’ policy wordings, and the rare ability to leave out the mind-numbing insurance gobbledygook and explain things in layman’s terms. So whatever you want to know, ask away. You’ll get straight, plain-English answers.

Huge expertise

Ian has even been used as an expert witness, which is confirmation of his high levels of expertise. It’s reassuring to know you have someone of his standing on your side when you need it.


Do I really need to protect the intangible assets in my business?
The most valuable asset in your business is you, your staff, and your potential. Physical asset values can easily be ascertained and replaced in a very short period of time. Intellectual intangible assets have much greater value, with much longer-lasting losses, if overlooked. A business is more likely to fail because of inadequate financial protection on its owner or key staff.

How often do insurance companies actually pay out on claims?
If you are honest and declare everything when applying for the insurance, you can feel safe. Insurance companies do not look for ways out of a claim, but rather have evolved an attitude of, ‘how can we pay this claim most efficiently for the affected people?’

How much does business insurance cost?
There will naturally be an ongoing investment towards whichever business insurance products are required to ensure your financial needs are always protected, which you pay direct to the insurance company. But our services – initial consultations to analyse your needs and recommend the most appropriate policy and cover, ongoing monitoring of your situation, and being an advocate if needed at the time of claim – are entirely free.

Do you charge a fee for consultations?
Our consultation time is completely obligation-free. We only receive payment direct from an insurance company.

Will I need to have medicals and see doctors?
This will depend on the nature of the protection we arrange for you. If a blood test is required, we can arrange for a lab technician to visit you at your convenience.


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Check out these client stories…


“I was starting a new business, had a young family and wanted to protect them. I was referred to Wallace Insurance Brokers about 23 years ago… I’ve been with them ever since.”

“I like being able to talk to Ian. I believe he’s always going out to bat for me. It’s about talking to the man who drives the horse. I’m not talking to the conductor in the middle of the carriage, I’m talking to the man up front who’s leading the charge.”

“Ian’s been in there a long time and I’ve been able to rely on him and sit down and talk with him, rather than get an animated message on a phone or something similar. I don’t like, ‘Push button 3 if you want this’ and ‘Push button 7 if you want that’ or, ‘If you need a brochure go on the web and print this out’.”

“I’d say more than half the meetings have been conducted at my place place of business, not his place of business. He’s prepared to get out there and meet the market and come and see you, rather than you having to chase around town to see him. The staff have always been good – they’ve always done what they promised.”



“Everyone needs insurance – it’s a necessity like food, water and shelter! Ian handles my life insurance and loss of income insurance, and things like that. In order to protect your assets and lifestyle these days you need to have insurance to cover it.”

“Ian was an acquaintance of a friend of mine and at one stage was brokering finance so my friend put me in touch with him and he successfully brokered finance for me on a property deal and smoothed everything over very nicely. He was able to do something that others weren’t.”

“I find Ian to be very well researched and knowledgeable about the types of products he’s offering. And he’s quite tenacious – he doesn’t give up easily.”

“I like Ian’s overall depth of knowledge and he’s able to offer the best solution. You get the best deal… it provides me with confidence that he’s giving me the best insurance deal, whether it’s the quality of the policy or the price or whatever.”

“Your bank offers insurance – everyone offers insurance – but Ian is able to tailor insurance packages to get the best deal for the customer. He’s able to offer a customised service rather than just, ‘This is the product we have and it’s got to be good for you because it’s our product’, which is the attitude of a lot of insurers.”

“What sets Ian apart is that he’s independent and uncompromising in fishing out the best insurance policies for his customers. You never come out under-insured, but I’ve had cause to call upon my insurance policies and then you think, ‘Well, just as well he did.’

“At the end of the day, he’s always acting with the client’s best interests at heart. I can say that simply because I changed my circumstances a little while ago and reduced my income considerably and told Ian I had to cut back on my insurance, which he understood completely and readjusted everything.”

“I’ve never had any reservations with Ian simply because in my very first experience he delivered on the promise. He’s just a generally good all-round guy. He’s one of those people that doesn’t just look through you. He’s able to connect with most people. He’s got a great personality for connecting and understanding what people’s individual needs are… a good reader of people.”



“I went to Ian after a recommendation from our fire and general broker – a long, long time ago. Ian is probably more knowledgable than a lot of insurance brokers and we’ve always regarded him as being straightforward and honest.”

“With Ian you get recommended to purchase what you actually need, rather than just being sold a policy. He explores what you actually need rather than just wanting to go out and sell you a policy.”

“I’ve actually found him quite different from a lot of insurance brokers I’ve come across…”

“We bumped into a lot of brokers over the years through our clients when we ran an accounting practice and for a lot of them, their main activity would be wanting to sell a policy. It didn’t seem to matter what the policy was or whether it was what was required, as long as they sold a policy, that was alright.”

“Ian, to his credit, is not like that. He’s keen to do the right job. He’s one of the few I’ve come across who actually does that. I know for a fact he takes a genuine interest in his clients. I also know for a fact that he’s helped people with claims that have been turned down by insurance companies. He goes the extra mile.”

“I’ve had clients come to me and say they’ve been talking to a broker and I’ve said to them, ‘Before you do anything you should go and talk to Ian Wallace.’ He does a proper job. He doesn’t focus on what he’d like to sell that day; he actually explores what people actually need. I do know quite a lot of people, myself included, are quite happy they took his advice from the beginning.



We arranged Stuart’s* life insurance and income insurance to protect his business (self-employed electrician) and his family. He was 42 years old and had a responsible attitude towards insurance, especially as his brother had died of a heart attack.

One evening at home with his wife, Stuart was in his garage workshop doing his accounts when he had a massive heart attack and dropped dead at his wife’s feet. She carried out CPR until the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

No one expected Stuart to survive, but he is very much alive and grateful for the assistance everyone gave him that day and since.

As a result of the insurance he had in place, we arranged for his accountant to prepare financial accounts that hadn’t been done for a number of years. Claims for income insurance were made with two separate insurance companies, one for the overhead costs of his business and one to replace his personal income for the period he couldn’t work.

Stuart will never be able to go back to his normal job and is still receiving income insurance, and will do for the rest of his working career. In addition to the income insurance, he received a lump sum payment due to his trauma condition and this allowed the mortgage to be paid off, further relieving the financial burden on the family.

* N.B. Stuart is a real person but we’ve changed his name to protect his privacy.


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