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Ian Wallce of Wallace Insurance BrokersIan Wallace

Apart from an early stint as a labourer on a hospital build in London, and then building manager in Vancouver, Ian Wallace has worked in the insurance industry all his life. This gives him a very real understanding of how he can benefit tradespeople, the self-employed, business owners and professionals.

Ian trained for many years in martial arts and still enjoys watching the odd kung-fu movie (when no-one is looking).

He has survived guiding 3 boys into adulthood, so understands the pressures of parenthood.

Being self-employed since 1987, he also appreciates the hardships of ‘being your own boss’, staff management and paying the bills.

Spare time is taken up with hiking, photography, and motorcycling.

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Jess Nikora of Wallace Insurance Brokers

Jess Nikora

Jess Nikora had an old Remington typewriter from the age of 4, and always wanted to be ‘an office lady’. She’d write imaginary letters and have her sister make pretend phone calls. She’s now doing what she used to play at, managing our office for the last 18 years. And it’s just as rewarding and fun as the 4-year-old imagined.

A short sojourn to the bright lights of London in 2007-2008 was an unforgettable experience, working in multi-national corporations – a fun challenge worth tackling.

Jess’s spare time is spent on creative writing, with aspirations to be an author one day. Other interests are embroidery, history, photography, travel and visiting the gems of the Auckland Art Gallery and Auckland War Memorial Museum.