• Financial protection for families
  • Financial protection for wage & salary earners
  • Financial protection for business owners

Hello, we are Wallace Insurance Brokers…

True financial protection and trusted advocates

Wallace Insurance Brokers on Auckland’s North Shore specialises in financial protection of businesses, business owners & families. We create financial security.

You recognise you need insurance of some sort. It could be…

  • Income Protection Insurance. Because your income is your most valuable asset, even more valuable than your house.
  • Trauma Cover. Because life insurance only pays in the case of death. If you suffer a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc, trauma cover can eliminate financial concerns so you can focus on your health and your family.
  • Insurance for Business Owners. Because the most valuable asset in your business is you, your staff, and your potential. It’s much easier to replace physical assets than intangible intellectual assets, which result in longer-lasting losses if overlooked.
  • Life Insurance. Because should the unthinkable happen, it helps to know that those you care about are provided for.

life insurance experts

It’s important and you know you need to get it right. You hear about people being denied claims all the time, and people thinking they’re covered for things when they’re not. You don’t want to be one of those people.


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How can you truly have peace of mind?

There are 2 critical things to look for when you need insurance…

  1. Genuine guidance and impartial recommendations from someone who’s highly experienced and an expert in their field.
  2. Genuine support – not just at the beginning but also when the proverbial hits the fan; after all, that’s when you need it most.

The Wallace way

You get both when we accept you as a client. We’re absolutely genuine in our approach and really believe in, and know the value of, insurance.

“It’s a great feeling to help settle claims for clients”, says Ian Wallace. “When someone dies, all the creditors, the lawyer, the accountant and the undertaker have their hands out for money. We’re the only one writing out cheques.”

The walking encyclopaedia

Ian Wallace, our founder, is like a walking encyclopaedia of insurance policy wordings. He’s even been used as an expert witness in mediation hearings, which indicates his level of expertise. Thankfully he is also skilled at keeping things simple for clients. He’ll explain everything you need to know in layman’s terms and leave out the mind-numbing insurance gobbledygook.

Ian is a walking encyclopaedia of insurance policy wordings

It’s reassuring to have someone of Ian’s standing leading the team that’s on your side when you need it.

“We go beyond the norm. We’ve taken insurance companies to court to fight for our clients and make sure they get what they’re entitled to. An insurance contract is a legal contract to be adhered to and if an insurance company tries to deviate from the contract, the client has an advocate in me. We do the right thing for our clients, even when there’s no gain for us. We get to know our clients and we make it as simple and painless as possible.” – Ian Wallace

Impartial, trusted, personalised

Wallace Insurance Brokers provides trusted, personalised advice and a full range of practical solutions in insurance. We have access to many providers but are not aligned to any particular company. This ensures the impartiality of our advice and makes sure we align your requirements with the best provider, rather than compromising your cover by forcing you into just one provider’s offering.

As advisers and brokers, our sole priority is to always act in your best interests.

Wallace Insurance Brokers is a founding member of the Liberty Adviser Network, a prestigious peer group of associates who meet on a regular basis for continuing education and training.

Tailor-made insurance packages that work for you

When providing you with advice – or negotiating products and services on your behalf – Ian’s primary aim is choosing the cover that’s right for you. He will take the time to understand your needs and goals, then use his skills to tailor a solution to suit.

“Some brokers have an agenda to go out and sell $x a month of insurance to someone. Their policies are product based. So they have products to sell, whereas we have client needs to fulfil. Our policies are all about our clients’ needs and honing in on the areas where they require protection.” – Ian Wallace


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Is Wallace Insurance Brokers the right fit for you?

Here are some of the things we like to see when considering whether or not to take on a new client…

  • You are financially responsible rather than taking a casual “she’ll be right” approach to life.
  • You are aware of your priorities and want to create strategies to support those.
  • You think you may need…
  • Income protection, or
  • Serious illness protection, or
  • Major medical cover, or
  • Business protection insurance, or
  • Life insurance.
  • You want to be able to discuss things with an experienced insurance broker you can trust and rely on – someone who knows their stuff. It’s important to have an advocate who listens and communicates simply, in plain English. You’re not interested in dealing with a brochure dropper.
  • You understand that getting the right insurance cover does not mean making price your biggest consideration – the cheapest policy may not actually cover you adequately. That said, there are lower-priced policies that are great and might suit you better than some higher-priced policies. It’s about the quality of the policies, not the price.
  • You already have insurance but your situation has changed and you’re not sure how well it’s working for you.


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